Win More Clients For Your Translation Business Using Proven Strategies 

The Right Marketing Strategies That Work For Freelance Translators

are You Overwhelmed By So Many Marketing Strategies To Use For Your Translation Business?

When you want to increase the revenue coming from your freelance translation business, you usually start to learn marketing.

But when you search online or even attend a class about marketing, you ask yourself this question:

Which of these strategies apply to my freelance translation business?

You hear about digital marketing strategies, social media marketing, SWOT analysis, four Ps of the marketing mix and more!

But instead of knowing what may work for your translation business, you become more confused and may get depressed.

This is because most of the marketing and business courses provide general principles and ideas that apply to all types of businesses, not a translation business in particular.

Most of the marketing courses are general. They talk about general theories and principles. They are not about freelance translation business! The missing part is always how you can apply these principles to your translation business?

To know what works, you need to try these strategies and spend a lot of time until you know exactly what really works.

You will need to spend weeks, months or maybe years to test and learn about the best marketing strategies that work for your freelance translation business.

Most of the marketing emails, LinkedIn connection requests and proposals do not work for a reason

Freelance translators send hundreds of emails every day to new potential clients but do not hear back from most of them.

Still, they use the same email copy and strategy without investigating how to increase the effectiveness of this strategy.

The same applies to proposals sent via Translators send proposals with the lowest prices thinking potential clients accept the lowest price only.

When it comes to LinkedIn, the problem is obvious.  They do not build a relationship with the potential connection before sending a connection request.

The reasons behind these failures can be a poor proposal copy or a weak process used to attract potential clients.

Also part of it is about the mindset. Many freelance translators think they only need to compete on price. The lower the price they offer, the more jobs they can get.

But this is not true in most of the cases.

There are many ways you can use to attract new clients without lowering your prices.

Also, if you use social media networks, such as LinkedIn, you can find new better clients how can pay the price you are looking for.

This is the solution: The Right Marketing Strategies For Freelance Translators Course

During my 13 years in freelance translation services, I have tried many strategies and read so many books about marketing.

And today, I am offering a step-by-step course for freelance translators that explain the five marketing strategies you can use to contact clients and improve your marketing results.

This is an action-oriented course where I reveal the same marketing strategies I have tested during my work as a freelance translator. Also, I share how you can use each one of them to increase the number of your clients.

This Course is for you if:​

You are tired of contacting clients without getting any results.

You bought general marketing courses, and they did not work for your translation business.

You write emails to clients, but they never reply.

You want to increase the number of your clients.

You want to improve your marketing results.


Practical and Straight to the Point Advice"

Great content (as usual from you!), well-structured by topic, and the right length: each video is not too long or too short (very manageable) with a simple, clean slide design."

Becky Pearse- English to Spanish Translator 

Get Full Access: Only $97

You’ll get a lifetime access to the course and special prices for the other 2020 courses!

The Course Content

Lesson 1: Direct Email Marketing 

Learn how to write email subject lines and how to write an email copy that makes potential clients work with you.

Lesson 2: Social Media Marketing

Build your professional social network of potential translation clients. You will know how to do business more efficiently with your network.

Lesson 3: Phone Calls Marketing 

Accelerate your marketing activities using the proven phone calls techniques that I have developed in the last years to increase my income.

Lesson 4: Translation Jobs Websites

Learn how to write winning proposals in Proz to improve the success rate of your bids.

Lesson 5: Translation Agency Websites 

Contact clients through their own websites. Learn how to write the best message in their contact forms.

Templates You Can Use

Each Lesson Contain ready-made and editable templates you can use in your business. These are real templates I used for many years.

Sherif Abuzid

English to Arabic Translator

About The Instructor

Sherif has been working in language services since 2004. For a decade, he worked as an Arabic translator, project manager, and business development. He holds a master degree in International Business Administration, and studied sales and marketing at the American University in Cairo. Sherif started TranslationPartner in 2009 where he offers language services for Middle Eastern and African languages.

Download Ready-Made Templates You Can Use Immediately!

To save you time and effort so you can focus on your marketing activities, I have created downloadable and editable templates you can use right away.

These templates are the same as what I use to acquire new clients.

During all my years of experience, I have sent thousands of emails and wrote hundreds of bids and sent hundreds of LinkedIn messages.

These templates are the final results of many trials and errors.

These are the ones that improved the results I achieve in my marketing campaigns.

They are all in an MS Word file format so you can customize them easily to fit your needs.


There are definitely some nuggets of gold..."

After reviewing both the free and paid content on, I can confidently send new translation talents to this website. There are definitely some nuggets of gold and it's a great place to start out from when you are serious about diving into this competitive profession!

Tanya Quinteiri- English to German Translator and Mentor

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Will I Pay any type of subscription fees?
    No, you will have access to the course as long as it exists. You will enjoy all the coming updates and be able to download the new templates added to each lesson.
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    How long is the course?
    The course has six video lessons that total around 60 minutes of viewing time. I have made the videos short so you can study them smoothly.
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    Will the price change?
    Yes, the price may change if I add more content to the course in 2019. If you purchase now, you will be locked into the price you have paid and enjoy any updates for free.

Get Full Access: Only $97

You’ll get a lifetime access to the course and special prices for the other 2020 courses!

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