How Freelance Translators Should Do Sales

You know that having the business mindset is an important factor for the success of your freelance translation business. You realise that working as a freelancer involves many business-related tasks that you should be doing, even if you hate them as they are essential.

The point is how you do them in a way that satisfies you and let you feel comfortable while doing them.

Selling your translation or interpretation services is a business assignment which we as translators may not like too much. You and me prefer to set on our desks and translate words into our target language, believing this is what we should be doing.

But wait, you will not be translating words if you do not have a client and you will not have a client if you do not do sales and marketing and you may not be doing sales if you are not prospecting!

But what is prospecting!

Prospecting is the first phase of sales where you look for potential clients and reach out to them to check if they need your services or not. If you need to succeed in this phase, you need to take care of the below points:

Write a client persona

You should know what type of clients are you looking for? Is it a language service provider? A corporate? In which countries does this client exist? What is its industry? Does he work in games development, legal affairs, financial services or something else?

Understand the buying process of your clients

Know how and where your clients buy and look for services like language services.  Are they doing online searches? Do they publish ads in newspapers and magazines? Do they ask for tests? What is their on-boarding process of new suppliers?

Define a sales process

I mean you should know what process you will be following to approach potential new clients. Will you call them via phone? If yes, how many calls you need per day? Will you email them? If yes, do you know how to prepare an effective email script? Will you attend events related to them? If yes, do you know the coming events you will be attending to approach them?

Have a CRM for your activities

Approaching and convincing clients to use your services may take a long time. You should have a type of a Customer Relationship Management system to log your activities with the clients. You should log a summary of the client data, their contacts and the activities you have done with them; emails, calls or meetings. This can be a simple Excel file, a spreadsheet on Google Drive or a specialized CRM such as Zoho CRM or Salesforce.

You may not need to work in sales every day, but having a process and working consistently will give you the results you desire. Also, try to follow people working in sales coaching they may be giving you more deep advice For me, I have been following. for a long time. It gives practical tip in sales and other business and life-related matters.

Please comment below about what you think of sales for freelance translators and let us all hear your ideas.

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